Buttock Augmentation

Today have a nice curvy permanent butt is possible with plastic surgery. Butt implants are silicone implants solid, that are used to add volume to the butt. They are either oval in shape and feature either textured or smooth surfaces, similar to the breast implant.

Depending on your silhouette, there are two ways to place the implants between muscles . implants with a rough surface are the most recommended, with a rough surface cause the body itself to generate a layer of fibers around the implant and keep them firm, those with smooth surfaces slide between muscles.

Injectable silicone is the worst thing on the market for buttock augmentation, injectable silicone are like silicone threads inside the superfluous fat. The visual increase is instantaneous, painless, cheap and does not need anesthesia. These silicone threads near the spinal cord can cause many problems in the nervous system, each muscle of your body have the function of contraction and is directed by the nerve. Silicone treads can get into the nervios system and block the function of a nerve. Silicone injections are used for facial augmentations such as the chin for example.

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