Liposuction is the removal of superfluous fat through a cannula connected to a suction machine. In the procedure, a mixture of saline water and anesthesia is injected in order to break down the layer of fat inside the body and have an easy extraction. For each procedure, each suction machine can extract 3-5 liters of superfluous fat.

The superfluous fat removed can be filtered and used for aesthetic procedures, such as facial fillers or buttock augmentation. The filtered fat is gradually and natural distributed on the area injected.

There are lasers on the market that dehydrate fat cells, this is a fictitious effect of liposuction, but not real since fat cells have memory and only been dehydrated, a fat cell does not have a defined shape and generates a uniform shape on top of the muscle. A human body tends to generate fat around fertile areas for its reproduction. Lasers are dangerous since by dehydrating the fat in the fertility areas it can cause sterility.

How to use laser in fat areas:

Lasers should not be used everyday in the same area, the body needs to filter the fat to have a permanent successful dehydrated fat cell. After practice sports for best results.

Lasers can be also used on scalp (regenerates the hair using the fat diaolved to feed it) 7-11 min twice a year)
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